I: Age of Viral Origin

by Plagues

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released February 9, 2012

Recorded January 2012 in Yorba Linda, CA
Produced by Rollie Ulug and Plagues
Engineered by Rollie Ulug
Additional vocals on "Stay Out of the Basement" By Cameron Miller and Buddy Porter



all rights reserved


Plagues California

Leo Ulfelder
Alex Schultz
Matt Haynes
Buddy Porter
Ryan Doria

California HC/PV/PR

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Track Name: Give The People What's Expected
All of it’s been tried.
And none of it’s been understood,
Just beaten into the ground
“Fuck embracing change
I just want to hear the same old tune”
The traits which can’t be blamed
Only fit the same old meter
And abide by everybody’s shitty tastes.
My depth perception is beyond non-existent
I find myself chained up in fox-holes
And all the snakes who try burrowing their way in
Demand to speak to who’s in charge here.
They come with artifacts, all proven toxic.
I drown.
Track Name: Stay Out of the Basement
I tread shallow waters to stay afloat.
Track Name: Mártyras
Fine lines we draw between grey skies
And grey eyes too clouded to see through the fog
and the smoke and the filth and the afterbirth of the rain.
And rich soil is tilled far too deep for deformed roots to reach
So we bleed until we can peek at what’s behind the shades

Son of a Father, Son of a Spirit, Son of a Jailor, Son of a Mourner

Behold the swarm of insects dancing on angels’ wings
They smile and laugh and claim you’re not fit for the king
The dirt pits that we dig for ourselves with ill intent
Build shelters for soldiers to house our discontent

Cast down, the stones get thrown and pariahs are set aside
Deceivers lay claim to the throne and write laws on borrowed time
The context is strewn; the foundation is built on lies

Why sacrifice when it means nothing at all?
Why burn the coals when we tear up from the smoke?
Why cut old wounds when the blood is too thick to drink?