by Plagues

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released April 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Plagues California

Leo Ulfelder
Alex Schultz
Matt Haynes
Buddy Porter
Ryan Doria

California HC/PV/PR

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Track Name: A Step in the Wrong Direction
All your precious moments are fleeting
The feeling of contempt for life is bleeding out
They look into your body with black doll eyes
Until they bite into your skin and roll over white
Why make your progress in a backwards system?
The human foresight is cataract
New population = new traditions
They fill the bibles with what they lack.
I stand by
And watch the fabric tear
What good is an opened mind?
If I don’t let the old ways die?
I spend nights built up with spite
From the people forgetting what it meant to be right
and the tracks leading nowhere bring me furthest down
From the fear of committing to this fucking sound.
Track Name: Breathing
The masses backed into a corner
Forcing themselves out of the ground
I’ve paid my dues for this moment
Witness several hundred people become one
And all the faces melt together
The energy syncs to the sound
We no longer name each other
We are the building, itself
And the world can hear it screaming
This entity now has a pulse
some scream for anger, others for change
our independence is our curse
Track Name: Upended
I have no sympathy
For your decline
your actions turn around on me
the mirror's getting hard to see
fighting to take back and
break what is mine
its easy for you in the dark
to close your eyes and hit the mark
Run your mouth when your words diverge from truth
And there’s something against you
Grab the neck and wring it until it breaks
and there's nothing to save me
It’s not a time to be poetic
It’s about gaining control
And assess the fucking mess that you’re in
Track Name: No Ghosts
Voices circling round my head
They’re always screaming
In the past they used to whisper
“will you always be there for me?”
Dives into its end

I’ve got this feeling wrapped around my neck
Like something in me is about to snap
I’m always lucid, always numb
Like nothing’s firing in my head

There are not ghosts, only cameras and wires

I’m scared to take off all my clothes
I’m scared to eat a piece of meat
My webcam watches when I fuck
Rotting from the inside
This downward spiral, facing out

It’s a necessary evil
Consequences all the same
Ideological in theory
But non sequitur in nature
Over-stipulated and stepped way out of bounds
With the illusion of the right to choose
And your teeth are always grinding
Against the foil and the slate
Bleeding fingers out to dry
Writing letters to our congressman
This situation has been overthrown before
But someone’s pissing in our beers again
Track Name: Five Shapes
What does it take to get away?
My mind is always on the edge
Are these a remnant of the past
Still clinging onto what was lost?

It’s embracing the end
And not escaping the nightmare
I’ve got a right mind to remain myself
The figures are shifting cells

I taste the sickness on my tongue
i feel the smoke climb down my lungs
I hear thee cancer breach the skin
and my teeth are wearing thin

I hear the five shapes scream and shout
Grab a scalpel and cut them out
Track Name: What Was Red is Black Instead
Why do I obey the rules?
Why conform to status quo?
All it breeds is more unrest
The problems of no consequence
As I acquire more distress
The ashes swallow up the rest.
Take. A. Match. Burn.
Track Name: We Have Finally Been Offended
I try to break this cycle
and free from this routine
I want to pull the nails out of
the wheels treading me
The cities must fill with smoke
I'll tear down walls before
My feet step on that road.
Take them all down
so that they know
I was here.