by Plagues

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released May 1, 2012

Recorded Oct 9, 2011 at RyanDoriaStudios
Anaheim, CA
Produced by Ryan Doria and Plagues



all rights reserved


Plagues California

Leo Ulfelder
Alex Schultz
Matt Haynes
Buddy Porter
Ryan Doria

California HC/PV/PR

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Track Name: 208/150
I want my finger on the trigger
than this finger on my pulse
and when you can't make the decisions
you get sicker to your throat
No wasting time on the bullshit
just mutual consent
That's fucking Love.
Track Name: Social Insomnia
Am I supposed to remember you?
Forgive me if I do.
Our dirty hands, the ones that feed us
They shove the glass between our beady eyes.
I'm not pressured into staying awake
It's a choice I wish to take.
They say this world is filled with souls but
I still remain unsold
When I can't sing myself to sleep.
Track Name: Nineteen
Paid no attention to his scars
It wasn't as cold as once remembered
"One step at a time," He'd say
As he forwards into repetition.
He has no cause for a revolution
Only the reasons to drown
He'll take those promises to his grave
The rest remain above the ground.
His life meant nothing to him then
And it means nothing to him now
Another vagrant caught downwind
Nameless, faceless
Falling down.
Track Name: Unbalancing the Negative Space
We cut deeper when they break their promises.
Sights aimed crooked; A shot to wound.
Sick of living in the present tense
We've exhausted all our tolerance.
I reject your concept of a circle
Punishing the action as a sin
For when we plant our gardens around the trenches
We fear the thorns will start growing in on us.

This Art falls on Primitive Eyes.